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Jamie Michael Gregory - Author Of The Talking Universe

The Talking Universe is a thrilling, unique and inspirational story written to help inspire people all over the world. A combination of autobiography, spiritual discovery, and self-development; it has been described as a ‘must-read’ for all those seeking to understand the purpose of healing in their own life.

The Talking Universe deals with challenging themes that have impacted me throughout my life – mental health, trauma, addiction, and abuse – and which, sadly, impact the lives of so many other people. It also examines how failures in current social systems detrimentally affect the collective wellbeing of society.

The book conveys my hard-earned thoughts and guidance on these timely topics through simultaneously sharing my life story. My long and incredible journey has led to self-healing, self-acceptance and, ultimately, self-love from depths that seemed unimaginable at points.

In overcoming my adversity, I have been afforded the gift of sharing my story and providing a framework for readers to understand and follow in my footsteps. For those lost in despondency, The Talking Universe can offer a compass to guide you forward in life.

Jamie Michael Gregory

On a mission to raise the vibration of the planet for a better tomorrow.

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