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The London Economics Featuring Jamie Michael Gregory

The Talking Universe by Jamie Michael Gregory is a supercharged book of emotion, pain and hope – a must read for anyone interested in the true path of healing.”

“The Talking Universe is definitive proof that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. For those lost in despondency, it is the vital compass to guide you forward in life.”

The European Featuring Jamie Michael Gregory

“The Talking Universe is essential reading for those seeking clarity, energy, and purpose in their daily lives.”

“Jamie Michael Gregory’s life is a blueprint for the success that can be achieved despite staggering obstacles.”

“In his new book The Talking Universe, Jamie Michael Gregory shares unparalleled insight into what is needed to expedite solutions for today’s most critical mental health challenges among young people.”

SWNS Featuring Jamie Michael Gregory

“Spiritual author Jamie Michael Gregory started out as a survivor but is now the perfect role model and healing guide helping people overcome trauma and addiction.”

“The Talking Universe is a unique healing memoir which will motivate you to transform your life for the better.”

“Jamie’s harrowing life story is unfiltered, unaffected, and unmissable.”


“When you read his new book, The Talking Universe – a potent combination of autobiography, spiritual discovery, and self-development – you will likewise be amazed that not only has Jamie survived a desperately harrowing upbringing marked by abuse, crime, and addiction, but also that he has conquered his personal demons, overcome deep-set trauma, and been reborn.”

“It’s fair to say that The Talking Universe is the most powerful story of self-healing and spiritual growth since Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.”

“Spiritual author and healer Jamie Michael Gregory’s book The Talking Universe is a hard-hitting, thought-provoking debut. By following Jamie’s path you, too, can look forward to healing and rebirth.”

“The Talking Universe is unique, inspirational, and a must-read for anyone looking for answers in their own life.”

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I am a healer,

but I am far from perfect, like other healers. Healers are the ones who have confronted pain and suffering. By facing adversity and rising, in the process they inspire others with the confidence to do the same.

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