The Talking Universe

I am
Jamie Gregory a truth seeker an earth angel

My gift is that I can transmute darkness into light. I incarnated to show you that you yourself are your greatest healer. I refuse to follow the crowd and I am one of the leaders of new earth.

If my energy does not make you stand up and take notice, then I am not the one for you. If my spirit doesn’t energise you then walk away. If my genius does not help you think deeper with more clarity, then forget me. If my passion doesn’t shake you, then move on past me. If I do not help you evolve, then don’t get involved. If my love does not touch your heart, then don’t fall for me.
About The Author

Jamie Michael Gregory – Author of The Talking Universe

With his remarkable debut, non-fiction title The Talking Universe, spiritual author Jamie Michael Gregory has delivered a deeply harrowing yet incredibly uplifting book that will take its place among the classics of self-help
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To Jamie, don’t ever lose yourself trying to fit in with others who don’t understand you.
love Jamie x

Your soul is what makes you attractive

Important life lessons

  • loveHealing myself improved my clarity and vision, which then improved every aspect of my life.
  • meditation 1My greatest work was not done working in an office, but instead in solitude, working on myself.
  • experiencePeople putting me down was a sign of my success.
  • happinessBeing rich cost me nothing.
  • planetWhen I did not get what I desired, the universe gave me something much better instead when I was patient.
  • keyGetting comfortable being uncomfortable was the key towards my transformation.
  • ageAge has nothing to do with growth.
  • achievementEverywhere I applied resistance, I saw progression.
  • networkingLife fed me back everything I needed to know through other people.
  • inflationLess is definitely more.
  • buddyQuality time with my close friends, walks in nature and reading books brought me more happiness than cars, jewellery, and nights out in bars.
  • open handsWe get what we settle for.
  • silenceSilence is what wins wars and is the loudest response you can give.
  • workWorking less was more productive than working more.
  • growthSmall daily victories built consistency, increased my inner strength and instilled in me an internal belief which was 1 million times stronger than any external validation received.
  • dizzinessMore money equated to more problems until I learnt how to humble myself.
  • walkMy best money was spent on creating memories and experiences, not securing objects and possessions.
  • headacheMy pain was a guide to show me where I needed to change.
  • successRespecting myself was more important than being liked by others.