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We all suffer, and we all feel pain. This is part of the human experience we are all having. To every person who has refused to let their suffering turn them cold, you deserve to be happy, and life will eventually reward you.

J. Gregory

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My name is Jamie Gregory, and this is my story and purpose.

I was born into chaos, destruction and pain. My life seemed like a pointless existence consisting of only suffering and continuous failures. From being abused as a child both physically and emotionally, I grew up withdrawn, lost and on high alert. My environment taught me how to survive at all costs, and this caused a massive disconnect from my emotions. The damage caused by child abuse is just about as severe as it gets, and when a child’s trust is obliterated, it causes the world to become a place of confusion and danger. As I grew into a teenager, I became addicted to crack cocaine after being introduced to it by my father. My addiction…

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… coincided with an eating disorder, and this resulted in me becoming anorexic, as I weighed just seven-and-a-half stone by the time I reached the age of 17. Before my 18th birthday, my father was killed, and this resulted in me sleeping on the streets with nowhere to live after my mum kicked me out due to my erratic and destructive behaviour. I then had to steal food from shops to survive. The severity of my situation contributed towards me being arrested over 30 times before I had reached the age of 24. Due to the damage I was subjected to in my childhood, I grew physically but not mentally or emotionally.

Despite the extremities of my childhood, I would eventually manage to progress externally but only to a certain point. I would find myself in great positions to change my life, but ultimately the trauma I had suppressed as a child would continue to surface, and destroy the present moment. One of these amazing opportunities resulted in me owning a company which re-developed hotels for the second largest hotel chain in the world, OYO. Transitioning from being homeless on the streets stealing food to survive, to earning £50,000 some months caused me to decline even further. I thought all my problems would vanish into thin air once I was able to earn lots of money, but how wrong I was. Only when I was able to step away from my business, and focus on progressing internally through healing myself, instead of searching for constant approval and external validation, would I then find my purpose.

My journey has not been linear and there have been multiple twists and turns along the way. After embracing my darkness and transmuting dark into light, I have been afforded the knowledge, wisdom and clarity to make a difference in other people’s lives, just as I have done in my own. Today, I can see that the adversity I have faced and overcome has been a gift all along. The purpose of my life is to show people that they have the power to heal themselves, just as I did.

The first step is always the hardest, but when I trusted in something greater than myself, I got a deep sense of protection that radiated from my core.

These are the 3 steps that a person must take to start the journey of spiritually transforming:

1. You must first have a conscious intention to heal.
2. Accepting the circumstances you are in is crucial.
3. Surrendering and allowing the emotions to surface can then be released.

Vibrations will never lie to you. Focus on interpreting them instead of listening to words. A person’s intuition is one of the biggest gifts they have been given. Start learning how it communicates.
Below I have listed some of the healing modalities I have studied and experienced.

Transform your life

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01. Hypnotherapy

02. SRT therapy

03. The Power of Kabbalah

04. Fountain of Youth

05. Fasting

06. Heal Your Body

07. Cord-cutting meditation

08. Birth chart

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01. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy was absolutely crucial for me to understand my childhood experiences and what formed parts of me that I needed to break down, heal from and change.

I will now explain why that is and how it benefits any person who is suffering from their childhood experiences.

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The period between the ages of two and six is important as a child spends a large amount of time in what we call the theta waves stage.

During this time, a child can download an incredible volume of information which they can hopefully use to excel in their environment, or, in my case, falter. During the early development years, a child’s consciousness has not evolved enough to critically assess that those parental pronouncements they have received were not true characterisations of the self, so once programmed, they then become defined as what we call our core beliefs. These beliefs then unconsciously shape the behaviour and potential of each person. What this means is that each caregiver’s behaviour and beliefs will transfer over to the child. These behaviours and beliefs are then hardwired into the brain as synaptic pathways through the subconscious mind. Once programmed, they begin to control a child’s biology until there is an effort to eventually reprogramme them, and this is what hypnotherapy can help a person do.

Now, when a patient goes to see a hypnotherapist, their brain waves are dropped into a theta state, which is the same stage we have discussed when a child is between the ages of two and six; the reason for this is that the low-frequency brain wave puts the person into a more suggestible and programmable state again. The patient can make their unconscious mind conscious and then start to construct new beliefs, which, over a sustained period of time, become more prominent than the old ones. The resulting factor is a complete change in a person’s reality.
The subconscious mind is the key in the process of change. So, what is the subconscious mind? It is essentially an emotionless database whose function is to read environmental signals and respond with hardwired behaviours. Behaviour-activating stimuli may be signals the nervous system detects from the external world and/or signals that arise from within the body, such as emotions, pleasure and pain. When a stimulus is perceived, it will automatically engage the behavioural response that was learned when the signal was first experienced. So, in my case, I had to relearn so much because my worldview was an inversion and very far away from where the truth lay.

Chris Gelder Hypnotherapy Website

02. SRT therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) was introduced to me whilst I was in Dubai with a friend. I was then put in contact with a person called Wouter who lived in Holland. I proceeded to book in several sessions with him and the results have been astonishing.

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My name is Wouter van Gijzen from Bio Qi, providing people with positive energy.

Since early childhood, I’ve been familiar with energies unseen by the human eye, and I am able to alter those energies. I am able to connect with your soul and remove so-called negative programmes and blockages that influence you, your behaviour, limited beliefs, beliefs of “I am not good enough, I am not successful, I can’t have this career, I can’t have this good relationship.” Those negative programmes and blockages can even cause pain – physical pain, mental pain and emotional pain.

I give single sessions and I also do packages. These sessions consist of soul clearings, called Spiritual Response Therapy, where I remove traumas that happened in your life on all levels and frequencies. Traumas in this life, in your childhood but also previous lives. And also traumas that came from your parents, grandparents and ancestors, because we carry their traumas with us as well, unconsciously, subconsciously … I am able to remove those negative programmes, those blockages, by connecting to your soul. Your soul is telling me what is going on so I know which programmes need to be removed and can replace them with positive programmes.

I also do the same for your body. This is called Spiritual Restructuring. If you are, for instance, not able to move your arm correctly or you have a backache, it could be that there is a negative emotion stuck without you being aware of it. I am able to track those emotions down, remove them and replace them energetically with positive emotions so your body is able to start healing itself and your arm can move freely again, your backache reduces and/or will go away, you’ll be able to sleep better, etc. By removing those negative emotions from your soul and body, which are frequencies, you will attract better and positive situations and people, so it’s more than just on a physical level. For more information, click on the links below.

Spiritual Response Therapy

SRT Combination Package

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03. The Power of Kabbalah

This book and its teachings have had the most profound impact on my life to date. The hidden wisdom reveals the physical and spiritual laws of life and shows you how, through resistance, you can change and impact your own life.

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For five months in Bali, I locked myself away and studied this day and night, creating a daily list of 28 things I would do. After monitoring myself obsessively, correcting, changing, and applying resistance, I was able to see the power of this book reflected in my everyday life. I do not think any book will come close to having the impact this book has had in my life. For all those lost and looking for answers and a strategy to implement, look no further than this magical book.

04. Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

I have been practising these exercises listed in this book for over two years now, and the benefits have been staggering.

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Legend has it that hidden in the remote reaches of the Himalayan mountains lies an ancient secret. There, generations of Tibetan monks have passed down a series of exercises with mystical, age-reversing properties. Known as the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, or the Five Rites, these once-secret exercises are now available to us all in Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder.

Beginning with an account of his own introduction to the rites by way of Colonel Bradford, a mysterious retired British army officer who learned of the rites while journeying high up in the Himalayas, Kelder then reveals to us the five ancient Tibetan rites that can make you feel and look younger. The philosophies in the book combine with the practical yoga-like positions of the rites and lifestyle/diet advice to provide you with the ultimate guide to preserving your youth.

Taking just minutes a day to perform, benefits include increased energy, weight loss, better memory, new hair growth, pain relief, better digestion, and just feeling much more youthful!


The Five Tibetan Rites:


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05. Fasting

Fasting is something I complete once a week on a Sunday for between 15-17 hours. This has afforded a greater clarity in my everyday life.
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When a person fasts, the body has fewer toxic materials flowing through the blood and lymphatic system. After the body clears itself of toxins, the brain has access to a cleaner bloodstream, resulting in clearer thoughts, better memory, and increased sharpness of other senses. Below is an article for Forbes magazine which puts this into further context.


06. Heal your Body

Whilst living in Bali, I developed a cyst/lump the size of a golf ball on the lower right-hand side of my back. After driving to see a surgeon for a consultation, I was booked in for an operation to remove it three months later. Later that week I went to see a locally based Australian hands-on healer called Mark.

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After giving me an MOT, Mark told me that the lump on my back was due to reliving past painful experiences, and if I got it cut it out, it would only return. I then asked what he thought I should do, and he provided me with a book by Louise Hay called Heal Your Body.

After reading the book and practising the affirmations in the mirror each day for around two months, I totally forgot about the lump on my back. One morning I decided to shave the bottom part of my back as I used to get a small amount of hair there. As I had gone to shave it, whilst facing the mirror with my back twisted, I remembered the cyst, so I searched for it, but I could no longer see it. I then turned my back to the other side of the mirror thinking it was on the other side, and to my astonishment, 95 percent of the lump had disappeared. Simply showing ourselves self-love, compassion and kindness can greatly affect the way in which our bodies heal. I recommend this book to everyone as it’s totally amazing, and the proof will physically show up in your life.

Law of Attraction


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07. Cord-cutting meditation

I started to learn and use cord-cutting meditations around 2019, and this is a must for anyone who wants to free themselves of their shackles and chains. Please read the article below which explains about this subject in more depth. I have also shared a video I use myself when performing a cord-cutting meditation.

08. Birth chart

Learning about your birth chart will help you to identify strengths, weaknesses and your purpose. This has brought a deeper level of clarity to my life, and it’s imperative that if you embark on a healing journey, you use this as a tool to help you.

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A birth chart is what determines your placements in signs, planets, asteroids etc. At birth, we were all born with a magical chart that defines who we are astrologically. A birth chart shows us who we are at our core, it calculates the astrological aspects and sensitive angles of the magical moment, our birth. Below is a link for you to click on to receive your free birth chart, and another link to find out more about this subject.

Free Astrology Birth Chart Report – click here

How to Interpret Your Birth Chart – click here

birth chart
Energy is the currency of the universe. When you “pay” attention to something, you buy that experience. So when you allow your consciousness to focus on someone or something that annoys you, you feed it your energy, and it reciprocates with the experience of being annoyed. Be selective in your focus because your attention feeds the energy of it and keeps it alive, not just within you, but in the collective consciousness as well.

 Emily Maroutian


Dimensions are not physical locations; they are heightened levels of consciousness that vibrate at different frequencies. The higher the dimension, the higher the vibration. At each level a person is afforded a clearer perspective of reality and a greater level of knowing. This in turn gives a person more freedom and clarity which in turns affords them more power to paint their own reality.

The benefits of healing

  • Purify your soul.
  • Freedom.
  • Control over manifestations.
  • Emotional resilience.
  • Heightened awareness.
  • Clearer vision and clarity.
  • Deep connection with the self and others.
  • Find your purpose.
  • Meaning and substance in life.
  • More focused energy.