The Talking Universe

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The Talking Universe


I finished reading this book within a week, I was hooked.

Jamie’s work makes you want to read, think, process and marinate, then come back and continue reading. Relating childhood memories, nostalgia and the challenges of every day life to the complexities of nature and growth each of us experience. This makes it a must read book for everyone.

Ryan James, Cheshire, UK

I read Jamie’s book when I got out of rehab and his book became a gift to me. Jamie is a special person, with incredibly inspiring story. Not only did it give me support but I recommend this book for everybody to read.

Koen Pieter Van Dijk, Amsterdam, Holland

I read your book on the plane ride home and couldn’t put it down. I cried in some parts and laughed in others. It was an amazing read and your talent is unmatched.

Kate Morris, Sydney, Australia

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About Author

Jamie Michael Gregory

My name is Jamie Gregory and I was born on the 04/12/1985 in Camden Town London. I am the author of The Talking Universe (my debut book), and I plan to write three books in total.

My goals and aspirations go far beyond writing my debut book, and my main aim is to help people who have suffered so dearly in their life, just as I have in my own. I believe that a change in the archaic educational system is long overdue, and is a massive travesty that children are not thoroughly educated on subjects such as self-love, the manifestation of trauma, the problems that addiction causes and the crucial aspects of managing mental health.

When I attended school, I learned subjects such as chemistry and algebra which never became beneficial for me at any point in my future. Schools are sending children out into the real world without equipping them with the necessary tools they need to survive. Society will not change for the better until we start giving these children a chance and a realistic expectation of the world they eventually enter.

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